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Doctor who

The Man in the Velvet Mask - Daniel O'Mahony

It was a good after all but there were parts where i got lost in the story and didn't knew what was happening
Compared to other doctor who books this one wasn't the best but the story was interesting

In the end the Doctor meets with three angels and each one represents a quality

It was also interesting to find out that there were 2 Sades, One robotic and the other one Le 6



Tom the dragon

Chapter 1

September 15


Dear diary


                          It's been a long to time since I last wrote here. Now that the summer is over I came home from my excursion with the family but I wish I didn't

Italy was great with its food and places and even its people. Coming back here in  Hope town  now seems strange because I got back to the same boring things that I'm used to everyday and everything is the same way as when I left, nothing has really changed

I'm looking forward for this year to end...



It was Monday morning when Tom Morgan was getting ready for school after a long vacation. He wore his usual leather jacket and his favorite custom made pants from a famous producer.

He forgot to set his clock so he overslept by twenty minutes. By the time he was ready the bus had already left so he took his car.

It was a red Maserati with two angel wings painted on the rear. The car was a gift from his father James, after all they were millionaires and had no problem with money.

Tom was at the schools parking lot and as usual everyone wanted to see who was the person driving it. The guys were jealous and well the girls were fighting over him

Among the students going to the Silver fall school he saw his childhood friends : Sam Jones and Ben Taylor

He saw them and they saw him as well. Sam was the first one to greet him with his mocking yet friendly voice: The Prince in shining armor has arrived with his royal steed among the common people. Ben said only hello and hurried to catch his first class

Tom only laughed as always at such comments while making his blonde hair with one hand, not hurrying for classes as always he asked Sam a question

-So Sam is there any new girl in town that I haven't meet yet? besides the ones who know who I am

-Interested in girls again are you?, well so far and after the intensive research I have been doing, there is nobody new

- You could have said a simple no but thanks anyway, talk later because I have to get going, I'm already late

-No problem mate!

As he was walking towards the classroom he was thinking about Sam, it's been a few months since I last saw him and he hasn't changed at all

One surprise after another and I ended up in the history class. History was always interesting but not when taken to extreme and the teacher Mister Schwarz was obsessed with it, for some reason he liked the ww2 and especially the German side and he was American

He saw that I was late this year’s well but said nothing because I was one of the best students at history last year and planning to do the same thing this year.

I took my last year's seat in the second row and every girl tried to be close to me, there were some hot one's but the truth was they liked my car better than me, even so I was the most popular guy in the school and I could have anyone I want but there is just a small problem  : I want nobody!

In the middle of the class the hot one's were throwing themselves at me thinking beauty would work on me, they were wrong!

Soon after Mister Schwarz gave a short introduction on what this year will be about and of course what was expected of the students. As I was leaving I saw that there was an empty seat, it seemed a bit odd since in the three years I have been here it was never empty. When I was almost out of the classroom Mr. Schwarz asked me to stay a bit longer and explained that he hates it when I'm late and that's like every day, nothing new here

As I was preparing for another class a girl came by and started complimenting my blue eyes, hmm something new for a change but I was still not interested.

The next class went quick and so did the rest but it was still the old boring story of expectations.

When it was over I was glad that I could get back in my little ride and get the hell out of there

While Tom was getting home, a sinister presence was watching his every move, trying to learn things about him.  Whatever that person is, he or she seemed interested in him

Tom left his car  in the garage and he was amazed every time by how big, how beautiful his home actually is.


The house was actually an old mansion, as time passed the mansion started suffering minor damages but it was enough to shatter the beauty of it, so it was rebuilt in a modern fashion but that was a long time ago

As I walked in the house, my parents were there asking questions, because they cared and wanted the best and all that but the expectations were overwhelming, sometimes I wonder how could my would life be if I was a commoner but I didn't like the answer

After spending some time with my mother Sophia and my father James, I went out with Sam and Ben to an old place we used to hang out

It's a twenty minute walk from the house to the forest, I could have taken the car but I'm cool on my own and I don't need a car to remind me of it, and without the car there are actually quite a few people who know who I am

The streets seemed so cold, they were here before me and they will be here after I'm gone, I just wish that somewhere my name will stand the test of time and I will be remembered for something and then I can tell myself that I was important

The landscape remained the same way as before ,however few new trees appeared and that became an unforgettable moment captured in my mind for as long as I stay here  in Hope town and who knows maybe I was wrong about things being the same and the trees are the message of it.

After a few more minutes I arrived at the entrance of the forest, but there was nobody there.

 Sam and Ben were coming and I went alone to that place in the forest

When Tom entered the daylight was fading from the world and darkness emerged. However Tom had done this a million times before and even in complete darkness he could find his way out if nothing happened to him. Before the fall of darkness he found the location he was looking for.

There was a swing with three types of initial carved in it :MT, SJ, BT. The initials however looked like they were made a century ago

As Tom looked at the initials happy moments filled his mind, of a time that now seams gone forever

I don't know why but this place is a happy memory, at that time things were different and we saw the world as a happy place but now things are different, it's a place that can and will destroy you at some point

Up in the sky the moon appeared and it was larger than any time before, if I were a werewolf I would howl at it for as long as I could .I don't know why but I was always fascinated by it, a part of me always wanted to look at it and the other part was scared for some reason.

It was getting really late and there was still no sign of Sam and Ben, I should make a list of odd things and I would definitely put this one and the seat in the school in it

I feel like somebody is watching me, of course because I'm sexy. The feeling didn't go away so there was somebody watching me from somewhere and it felt close for some reason I can't explain

I went looking around and I thought I saw a shadow within a shadow, I have no idea what that does mean but I saw somebody or something in the darkness and it had a dark personality

After I couldn't find what I was looking for I went home and nothing happened except for the feeling of being watched

Next day I wrote in my dairy again for the second time



September 16


Dear diary


it's my second time writing here and strange things happened yesterday. I would explain if I could but I can't.

Since I got home I constantly felt watched, I might be going crazy but I know I'm not. There is still something out there and I'm planning to find it.

It's strange but I think that this year is not going to be as boring as I thought it would. There is a chance that it might be fun:)






By the time Tom woke up his parents were standing outside of his room. It was a large room with the latest available pieces of furniture, pool table, a king size bed and a bathroom within the room.

By looks of it they had something important to share with him but it could wait for the family breakfast

As always nothing was missing from the table. It had everything somebody would wish to eat in a lifetime and more. The table was of a lightweight wood covered with blue glass that reflected the light creating a diamond like sparkle.

 After the eating was done they both started saying the same thing: soon you will turn 19 and you will have to accept your bloodline. As you might have noticed we don't belong here, we are not like the rest of them and we will never be. We are stronger, fire runs through our veins and more importantly we have ruled this world once and we can do it again. We are creatures of magic and myth but we do exist. Anyway son go to school as you always do, we don't want more suspicion on our hands. People are wondering how we have such wealth but nobody knows, and it will stay that way.

We will talk about this when you get home, we know that you have lots of questions but for now just do as we say!


Tom would have said tell me now but he knew better than that

That was a strange conversation even if they were the only one's talking but they were right I always felt like I didn't belong here even if I could have anything I wanted. But the part of creatures of magic and myth got me interested. If I'm not human then what am I?

That question kept sticking in his mind for the rest of the day.

At school he saw his old buddies who were supposed to show up last night

- Hello there, it was a nice joke from you to invite me to our special place and you don't show up, instead all I got was some freakish somebody staring at me from the shadows

For a moment they looked surprised and couldn't say anything but after they got their selves back together

- We didn't invite you in fact we were planning to do that today

- And yet I got a text message from you Sam

- From me? Well let me check my phone

As he was searching his pockets for his phone he ran into a problem

- I can't find it but I'm sure that I didn't lost it

Tom took out his phone and showed him the text message, turned on a tracking application and found his phone in a trash can

All the three of them were surprised because they couldn't understand what was going on. Somebody stole the phone to send the message to Tom and yet when he was there nobody showed up.

Anyway there was no more time to figure it out now, classes were starting and neither of them could afford to be late except for Tom

The first class was history again and I wasn't late this time. Mr. Schwarz seemed pleased

Today's topic was about dragons, I don't know what it had to do with history but I guess that myths are a part of it as well

He began like this :today we are going to talk about dragons.

It's said that they were descendants of the old world god's. They are depicted as big reptilian creatures, with though scales, some with wings but most were evil, smart, greedy and loved gold or shinny things

One of the students dared to ask him what does this have to do with history and he only said I thought it was interesting, an odd thing as well since he never finished a sentence with a few words. It is said that dragons are immortal however they can be killed by destroying their hearts.

Before the class ended he said that we have to a study on these dragons and tell him what we find, the easiest homework ever since everything was on the Internet. Until the very end of the class he was eyeing me.

A few more classes here and there, small talk with my friends and of course there were also the girls who just can't give up on trying  and this day was over

As I was walking out from the school a girl was going in. Her eye color was brown and it's the color of her hair as well.

She wore a leather jacket like mine and she wore leather pants but they were tight on her. She was dressed like a man more or less and yet she was just simply amazing. For one thing she caught my interest and my liking at the same time

As we were walking towards each other she stopped looked at me and with polite smile asked a question

- I'm sorry to interrupt you especially since I saw that you were leaving but could you tell me where the directors office is?

- Sure but I will show you instead, it's better that way

- If you have the time I would be great full

Whoever this girl was Tom took an instant liking to her, the way she spoke and the way she acted was enough to make him want to be around her

-By the way my name is Tom Morgan

- Nice to meet you Tom, I'm Isabella Smith

- The pleasure is mine Isabella

Tom showed her where the director’s office was and in the meantime he was thinking about her, she was next to him but still she made a lasting mark. At the same time something inside him warned him that something was off with Isabella and not in a good way but he didn't care. For once there was somebody after whom he could think about and that for him was worth as much as his life

Inside she was speaking with the director, at first he was not so sure about allowing her to join the school but some time later he was more than convinced that she should join

They came out together and the director Steven personally asked me to show her around

When that was done I felt like a deep bond was created between us. There was a lot of laughter in between but the truth was we couldn't wait to see each other again. So a girl managed to crack the ice king and make him laugh that's something that has never happened before.

I offered to take her home and she accepted. When she saw the car I was driving she was surprised but it didn't matter to her.

I took her home and at the end of the day I got a kiss on the check from her so I gave her one as well. When she got out of the car she was all burning red and I was red myself

On my way back I thought about how beautiful her smile is, how much and how many times I would kiss that sweet mouth of hers and still not get enough. Whatever happens I will have her because she is one of those unique types and no matter how many other hot girls are out there I just want mine to be beautiful. I might not know her completely but I already know what I want, after all the girls I have been with, she is the one, she is the one to whom I would give up every other girl any day. It's funny because I never thought like this before. I think I might have fallen for her. Even if I did I must not show it just yet

Tom was home now but something didn't feel quite right, as if something was happening or has already happened. Inside the house was nobody and as he was walking towards the kitchen he saw a few blood stains on the floor and going even further he found some bodies or what remained of them

There were no real bodies but there was a lot of ash, as if the bodies were set on fire and were left to burn but even that explanation didn't make sense

Tom was touching the ash with an uncontrollable desire, he couldn't stop.

Whatever that desire was it was not a good one

Afterwards for some unknown reason he started eating the ash, there was no regret for doing that. Suddenly after being done with his meal he fainted and was in his own mind, his own thoughts. His mind was a big dark place that swallowed everything that was good: it would have done the same to him but he was the ruler even in his own mind

To his surprise he found a large cage that was kept together by multiple chains. Inside however was a creature that Mr. Schwarz mentioned: a Dragon

While he was still far away from the cage the dragon slept but as he was closing in the dragon was waking up. He knew everything about him because in the end the dragon was him and he was the dragon. It's strange to think about but both of them were the same person. At first Tom was scared about the unknown but he accepted who he was anyway

The chains that kept the cage one by one kept falling down and once they were down the dragon emerged. He was a black dragon with red eyes and two large wings. He's legs were short but very muscular

As soon as he came out a large flame circle was surrounding Tom. He was in the middle of it yet he didn't seem to get hurt, in a way he was enjoying it. With no effort he was able to cross the line. The dragon didn't seem to like it, however he had no choice. Whatever he was trying to do turned against him and Tom was in control again

He was free from his cage but he was still controlled. Tom woke up but he couldn't t hide it anymore, he has changed.

A part of him missed his parents but the other part barely knew them, they spent a lot of time together and even so they weren't very close

Somebody was at the door and rang the bell, once it felt like a deja vu feeling and afterwards it was real

I went to answer the door, outside was the towns sheriff to ask some questions. Strange thing was I knew what he was going to say before he even said it. When I didn't show up for school after two days they got worried and sent him to check up on me

Through the interrogation I was thinking about lying about what happened or telling the truth, either way I don't know what the truth was.

I began with the things I knew: that I found the ash on the floor and when I got closer I fainted. I didn't tell the whole truth but that was enough to be convincing. The sheriff believed it in a strange way, if I were a cop I wouldn't.

One thing after another and more cops were swarming the house looking for clues as to what happened to them. I knew that they had no clues and I was right

Overtime a group gathered outside to see what was going on but the cops would not talk

As I was looking outside the window I saw only familiar faces, among them I saw Isabella as well. Same clothes same everything and yet she was even more beautiful than before. I don't know how a thing like this could happen but it did. I saw sadness in her eyes as if she knew or had been through a situation like this. I was not sad, I was just missing them and what they were going to talk about but I guess I know already. I am a Dragon and so were they, whatever killed them knew who they were and what their weaknesses were and probably the same thing applies to me but I don't like being dead so I will kill the one who did this

Time was passing and nothing moved forward because what happened had nothing normal about it, time was not the solution here. I went to check the window once again to see who was there. To my surprise Ben and Sam came as well. They were fighting their way in but of course it was not working and there was Isabella still waiting to see what happened.

I had enough of waiting and most importantly because it was going nowhere I decided to go out and crush the crowd

Tom was outside now people were asking questions from him but all he could say was that his parents are missing  and the police is searching for any clues. Most of them believed this story as well, Sam and Ben were super convinced and even said that they will be found. Isabella at first seemed convinced as well but it was only temporary. What worked on most didn't work on her as if she was dead or somewhere there and yet I already knew that but the question is does she know who I am?

Afterwards when people were leaving or trying to do that she came to me and took my hand in hers.

She was trying to make me forget what happened and yet a surprise was waiting for her. And it happened when she found out that the hypnotizing thing of hers wasn't working. She kept trying but she can't control somebody who controls every part of his body

- I know how much it must hurt to not know what happened to your parents Tom, in the end they were the ones to whom you own your life to

- Thank you Isabella, I don't know what to say and you are right  but I never thought...

- What?

- Well that there was going to be somebody at my side and that person will be you, I like you a lot

Isabella was blushing when she heard how honest Tom has been when it came to his feelings towards her and she was feeling the same thing

She liked him as much as he did, maybe even more

After that it seemed everything returned to normal, they were laughing and having fun, although both knew that they were not normal and had something to hide from the rest.

Tom took her home again later but this time they ended up kissing each other. Isabella was too excited and her fangs came out but as soon as they did she was gone. Tom saw it however and saw where she went but decided to leave it for another time

I don't know what I am doing here, it's the same house I grew up in and now all I can think about is that they are dead. The evidence is gone but inside it will always be there




September 19


Dear diary


I don't even know what to write here anymore, there is just too much that I don't understand yet. Like what or who killed them because I want to do the same thing. And then there is Isabella and I love her, I know what she is but that makes me want her even more. It's just who she is that caught my heart and not what she is. I know I shouldn't say this but she is that person I have been waiting for all along and I will fight for her.





I thought this day was going to be as the one's before but as soon as I saw the table and then I realized it's never going to be the same. Their stuffs were still in the room, each one had a room of their own and yet they were together in one because they loved each other

I can just hope that one day I will be in the same position as they were

A day has passed and I still feel like something died and something else was born, maybe a new me

News traveled very fast and at school everyone was asking about it, details were very short but they were gone and that's what mattered. They were sad for me or just pretending but anyway at least they tried

In the school hall my brain went into a crazy mode, I could smell everything. There was a scent that was interesting for some reason and I followed it

I ended up in the history class because everything led me there. Some asked questions again but I couldn't keep my eyes off Mr. Schwarz.

There was something about him that made me hate him and I just wanted to kill him. I can't say I didn't hate him but I never wanted nobody dead until now

He Is guilty about something, there is just an undeniable smell attached to him. I just know he killed my parents and I will kill him for that. I can't do it here but I will do it at tonight's party organized by me

Tom just realized that it would be the perfect place and Schwarz will be there, he has too

With that idea he told everyone about the party organized for his missing parents stating the fact that they might never see their parents alive and if that's the case then at least they will be remembered as fun people. Everyone was invited and for a moment this matter was settled

I was so occupied with this matter that I forgot that Isabella was in the room as well. When I looked at her she turned her head away and pretended not seeing me but a little later I felt her looking at me. When I turned towards her our eyes meet in an instant and everything froze. Her eyes were just marvelous, I could look at them forever and still not have enough. I can't decide which I love more : her eyes or her

I know however that I want and need both of them. The way her eyes shine when I'm around her told me everything I needed to know. When the time stopped for a few seconds it felt like an eternity, an eternity that I would gladly accept if I could look at her every day. The few seconds were well spent that's for sure until Mr. Schwarz interfered with the perfect moment, he added a new reason to kill him. And it will I just had to wait and in the meantime I invited Isabella as well to the party and blushingly accepted but she would have come anyway

When the class was over I went to find Sam and Ben and asked them if they would be willing to help me with this party. The look on their faces were priceless, they felt honored to be helping me and were coming up with all sorts of ideas about how it should go down. I was happy because I knew that they weren't’ going to let me down

After the talking was done I was once again in the school hall and I don’t know exactly what happened but Isabella came from nowhere and she started kissing me

They were intimate ,deep, romantic and so breath taking, those who saw it couldn't’ help themselves and had to watch .Ah and for how jealous the girls got there are no words

They had been trying to get me all along and then somebody new comes and she manages to do what they were trying to do for a long time. In a way they were wrong because she wasn’t trying to do anything it just happened and as for the one who was trying well that was me. At the same time it was a smart move, she became popular in a short time

I got home earlier today because of preparations and everything. Later my friends joined up and even Isabella came by to help

Tom had to introduce Isabella to his lifetime friends and they were happy for both of them, they made a nice couple

When everything was ready there was still some time left before the guests arrived and he took her in his room

- I never asked you before but from where are you?

- I was born in Italy but I traveled around

- why come here when you could be anywhere?

- Well I was in Italy at the time you were there and I just knew that I wanted you to be mine

- I feel the same way about you but why did you want to scare me back in the forest and everything

- I didn't, I was trying to approach you but I was scared and then I went to the school and you were there and it was the perfect moment, the forest thing is not of my doing

For the moment Tom seemed puzzled, if it wasn't her then there is another vampire or some other creature hanging around but I can't sense it so it might have left or it’s something stronger than me

She asked me :

 - Who are you?

- I'm Tom

- No that's not what I meant, who are you  or what because I can't tell

- That's a nice thing to say coming from a vampire, you want the truth? I'm a Dragon

She looked as if she was thinking but then she started laughing

- There is no such thing as a Dragon and if there were then shouldn't you be, Hmm how should I say this? Like big as a house maybe?

- I'm new to this whole dragon thing and I don’t know yet how it works but I am real

- Then do something that only a dragon could do

Tom was thinking about a way to show her some of his powers but then again he had no clue what powers he had. In a way he already knew a few of them but they were not the kind that could convince anybody that he was what he claimed to be

Among those he knew where the power to predict things and to manipulate people according to his own will and of course the advanced smelling but there was nothing else he could think of just yet

By thinking of such things he got really angry and felt that rage build up inside of him. There was a feeling inside of his body that his blood was on fire and his veins were starting to spike

The veins were standing out from the main body, they were turning black and he was covered in them

Isabella realized that something was wrong with him and tried to help him but as soon as she touched him she felt a burning sensation on her hand and before she even knew it her hand was smoking

She let go but the damage was already done, she could heal herself but the feeling that somebody could kill her by just touching  got her terrified

When she was human she got scared of many things but once she got to be a vampire she was fearless and yet after centuries and centuries she was afraid once again. She was afraid of Tom or rather who he was inside and at the same time she loved him

The one who was standing next to her was no longer the Tom she knew, it was the creature that made him so special. He looked the same for the most part but his eye color changed into red and the black veins stood out from his body

The guests were starting to show up and Tom’s friends came in. When they saw him in this state they were scared of him and were speechless at the same time

Isabella promised to care of it but she asked for some more time and they agreed to give them some more and at the same time promised not to tell anyone what they saw here .Of course they were interested , but they were very loyal to Tom and that’s all mattered in the end

Tom was just standing there ,lost somewhere between the real and imaginary world. In his mind a great battle was going on, what he defeated once was there again trying to get control over his body

When dragons were first created they were good and were the protectors of something, in time they all started changing into the evil one’s It was a choice that every one of them took.

Now most of them are extinct or are thought to be extinct but those who are alive come from the evil bloodline. In the end they will always be evil because that’s already decided at birth

Isabella didn’t  knew what to do, getting close to him would mean her instant death and yet she had to do something ,it was also her fault that he turned into this state in the first place. Dragons always liked to be provoked ,there was no way they could lose.

Isabella decided that no matter what creature he might be love would still have to work on him. With that she started saying how much he meant to her, she has been feeling lonely for quite a while and that has changed when she saw him for the first time. It was love at first sight and since then he has always been on her mind and there are a lot of thing she doesn’t understand and can’t understand but then again love is love and there is no explanation, it just happens

Even so , nothing happened and the party was just beginning to start and people were looking for him ,started asking questions and that’s never a good sign

Time was passing and nothing was happening, he was still frozen in the same position. After a while his body was also started turning black, and there was no way to stop that from happening

When he was entirely black a greenish  reptilian circle appeared on his pupil and he seemed even more dangerous but at the same time in control. Slowly he started regaining himself back and in no time looked normal

He said to Isabella: now you see that I am a dragon and I nearly lost control because you had to provoke me, never do that again or you will be dead next time

I love you Isabella don’t put me in that spot because if you do I will hate the rest of my life, as long or short it might be

He didn’t wait for an answer instead he pulled her close, with one hand held her tight and with the other raised her chin and gave her repeated passionate kisses. It was more romantic then a romantic movie with it’s complicated plot’s and characters

However they were interrupted again ,the guests couldn’t wait any longer and well they just had to see him.

I forgot about the party completely, there were more important issues on my mind at that time .I have to deal with it now and later with the killing, either way it must be done

I went to greet those who came to the party, meanwhile Isabella was staying behind on her own will

It took me a while to speak with quite a few people but the party had already started before. I told them why I crated this party and for whom and they agreed that they should be remembered in a happy way

After I was done and wished them to have a good I went up to my room where I left Isabella. As I was going there I felt a strange feeling inside of me like something was wrong

As I went in the room there was nobody there and that was normal but the feeling of something being wrong was not. It happened before and as it turned out I was always right, it was a dragonic power .I did a little research and I found out that there were many types of dragons with different powers but I qualify in every one of them.

I haven’t turned into a dragon yet so I don’t know exactly but I was close, it will happen someday and then I will know for sure but until then I can only wonder

Anyway she was missing and I was looking for through the whole house but there was no sign of her, even Mr. Schwarz seemed gone but nobody knew where and when

Being normal didn’t work in this situation and then I remembered that I can smell everything around me. There were many types of smell but there were also to interesting types. Both of them were inside the house, one was leading outside and the other one was leading somewhere in the house

It was difficult to decide which one to follow since both seemed important, but the house was  much closer so I went there fast

I ended up in my parent’s room but there was nothing there, I tried imagining how it was before and with a little effort it worked. I was in the same room and they were talking about something or even arguing I can’t tell since it’s like I was deaf and couldn’t hear anything. The conversation lasted for hours maybe and I couldn’t hear a single word yet they were speaking. I was glad to see them but not being able to hear or talk to them made things worse

After what seemed an eternity my dad opened a wardrobe and he must have touched something there because a secret door opened from the wall. I imagined being in the present and I got back there. I went to the same wardrobe and I started searching for anything there but there was nothing of that sort. Angrily I took that drawer out by force and threw it at the wall

Funny thing is what I was looking for was all along behind the drawer and it was a button of some sort. The wall was moving and behind it some stairs appeared leading to a basement.

I wanted to go down but I couldn't’ ,it felt as if I go down I will never be the same and for that reason I didn’t want go down all by myself. Instead of going down I went to follow the other trail that was leading somewhere outside.

I meet Sam and Ben along the way but I didn’t have the time to talk but I asked them if they knew where Isabella is but they had no clue although somebody saw her leaving with Mr. Schwarz.I told them that she is in danger and I’m going to save her ,as for what they saw earlier I told that that is who I am when somebody gets me upset

They were once again surprised but knew that at the end of the day I’m still good no matter what I have to do or turn into to do the right thing

I went as fast as I could but at this rate she will be dead by the time I arrive there, I started imagining how it would be to fly and at the same time I got angry. I knew it would not end well for me but I had to save her no matter what I have to do for that

Tom was focusing on how it would be to fly but not for a long time because his dream became a reality. Wings were starting to grow from his back, they were not very large but even so they were very painful. Tom was in a lot of pain but only at the beginning because slowly the adrenaline kicked in a high amount and all was left was just a bad memory and wings on his back

Flying took a bit of practice and a rhythmical flapping of the wings but even then it was not perfect, humans were not meant to fly or even have wings in the first place. Tom was still human no matter how much he might have changed, a time will come when he will fully turn into the monster he was meant to be .

Right now however he was in control of his body and mind, and who knows he might even be a good dragon after all .

He was flying at an incredible rate, it’s funny that even with those small wings he was still faster than any other creature on the planet

The trail was leading to the old place where they used to hang out when they were small. There he found Mr. Schwarz in the middle of killing Isabella with a stake in his hand, instead of allowing that to happen he replaced himself in her position and he got the stake in his heart

Isabella was crying at the sight of this but Tom was just standing frozen in that same position. Blood was coming out from his heart but it was just too hot. It was as if a volcano decided to erupt but then more life's would be in danger

Mr. Schwarz seemed impressed because he thought it was over and he had won and went after Isabella to get rid of her as well

No matter how much she tried he was stronger than her, Tom could only watch how the love of his life is going to die and he could do nothing about it

The story was repeating itself ,Schwarz was doing the same thing as when Tom interrupted him


Before he actually killed her he said to him: See dragon boy you have done this to yourself and your vampire chick will die before you. It’s nothing personal it’s just what my family has been doing for a very long time and since dragons become extinct it’s been harder to kill your kind .You should have seen your parents faces when I stabbed them, ah that image will stay forever in my mind. I am a dragon slayer and I have the bloodline of Sigurd

Tom started laughing in an evil way and he just couldn't; stop, when he decided to stop he said:

You come poking the big bad dragon with your tiny wooden sword?

Shut up dragon your already dead

Hmm.. you sure about that? I think you should kill me once more

When he tried to stab Tom again steam was rising from his body, when the stake went to the heart it was on fire and burnt to ashes in a few seconds

Schwarz surprised, he never thought that a thing like this could happen. His weapon was gone and now his chances of killing Tom just dropped. The stake didn’t work in the first place but even so it was a threat. Tom was already turning black and the damage he received was already gone. Schwarz was trying to find a weak spot but it was really hard for him, he was  dead from the beginning he messed with him and his family. Before the real action happened Tom told him that there is no way how the both of them could walk away from this situation. Also he said that the heart thing would have worked if he weren’t an alpha dragon and also from a royal blood

Schwarz was now really scared, he knew more then he said back at school and clearly a dragon with the royal blood was a powerful being

Before he killed Schwarz he went to Isabella and gave her a big hug and to many kisses for her to handle. More than that he gave her some of his unique blood. Isabella wanted none of it but it was hard to say no to Tom so she had to go ahead with what he wanted.

Her fangs came out and slowly approached Tom’s throat because in a way she was afraid to do him any harm

Her fangs penetrated his skin and she started the blood that was coming out from there

Tom was right about one thing it was like nothing she ever tasted before, the taste was incredible and there was something inside the blood that powered her up. She couldn’t drink any more of it, her whole body was in a shock of some sort and every little vein of hers was on fire but at the same time she felt powerful and even more powerful than any time before

Tom was transforming again, at first he was just a black shadow with red eyes and it stayed like that for a while. After that he emerged as a fully grown dragon and everything about him has changed but one thing remained the same: his eyes

He was more or less like that dragon from the cage, black with fish like scales, very large ,muscular .He also had a long tail with a spear like ending, all in all he was not the kind of creature you should mess with

He looked at Isabella with his frightful gaze while steam was rising from his nostrils, yet she wasn’t scared of him. Deep inside somewhere Tom was smiling and she knew it.

She touched his face and he was enjoying it but only for a short while because he changed his target now and with that he changed his expression as well. If he looked scary before now he looked like a completely dangerous monster from hell

Schwarz had a very short time left on this world and his time was coming to an end very fast

Tom was approaching him very slowly because he had to time to do that, he couldn’t run away and he would have wanted to . Before he killed him Schwarz said : others will come for you, and went ahead to face his fate. Tom ignored or didn’t care about such warnings. In the end a dying man would say anything to save his little skin.

His death has finally come and it was merciful, it could have been much worse. Tom opened his big mouth and took a small bite from him, he could have eaten him entirely but he was not hungry for human flesh. The body was left intact but the head was missing and what remained in its place were some deep tooth marks. There was blood everywhere, most of the blood however was painting the grass red.

Tom came to Isabella once again and with a strange, deep unused voice told her that he is control and she should not be afraid of him. Tom was about to leave but something changed and his eyes started shining in a strange way. He came back to her once again and wanted to kiss her but that was not possible, instead he touched her face with his large head and closed his eyes for a moment. She held his head with both of her hands  and kissed him. It was not the human Tom but it was still the Tom she loved and that was enough

His eye’s opened and unexpectedly he took off, Isabella’s tears were falling down on her cheeks and she couldn’t stop . For some reason she thought she will never see Tom again and she felt completely lost. In a way she was right Tom was never to be seen again from this point forward
































Chapter 2


What came after



Tom has left.  Leaving Isabella in tears and with a body to get rid of, with her current emotional state that was a hard thing to do. The blood that was left behind couldn’t be wiped off but there were plenty of leaves just yet and that was enough to cover the tracks. As for the body, the same thing could work because leaves can cover the body just fine and by the time it would be found only bones would remain out of it

It’s not the first time I had to hide a body, it was a daily routine for me being a vampire and all but I never liked the killing part . Just because you can kill somebody doesn’t mean that you have the right to actually do it, there are those who deserve it but most are innocent caught up in the wrong place and the wrong time

However I killed of both types, I can’t say I’m proud of it but in the end it all goes down to survival of the fittest. The world has changed in 800 years but the people well not really, they are still ruled by the demons of the past and I don’t think that will change someday.

I have been around for far too long and people  are still the same. In the meantime she was dragging the body away from the location where he was killed. She took it as far as she could and decided that it was well hidden and the body will not be found to soon

She covered it with leaves and removed her tracks leading there and not to look very suspicious went back to the party. Everyone was looking for all the three of them and couldn’t find them. When Isabella showed up she was questioned as to where she was all this time. She told the truth, she went home because she forgot something there and then she came back to the party for Tom

She was told that Tom and Schwarz were missing and she pretended that she didn’t knew anything .Behind a closed door Sam and Ben told her what Tom told before he went missing. She denied being in danger and told them that she was home all this time and she was very convincing

She got of easily without even trying to use her power, still fueled by dragon blood she was stronger than any other time before. She went into Tom’s room to find anything that reminded her of him

So this is how his room looks like, it’s not my first time here but it’s the first time I’m alone here and there is absolutely nobody here with me. Everything in this room belonged to him and yet I can't find anything that would remind me of him, something I don't know personal

I searched everything and everywhere I could search and there was nothing that personal, there were clothes photos or even drinks he liked but as I said nothing that personal. When I was ready to give up I searched under the bed, it was a good hiding spot where few people would look

Under the bed there was a small looking book of some sort with a very faint picture of a dragon on it, I think that the dragon was the guardian of this book or at least that’s what it symbolized

The cover of the book was made entirely by soft leather painted in a stylish red, it was quite a large and heavy book . I couldn’t stand waiting to see what was inside, in a way I know I shouldn’t, but even so it was too tempting to resist

As soon as I opened it on the first place there was a message left probably by Tom and it was addressed to whoever read it : If your reading from my diary then that means that I am no longer around, if your that curious and can’t stop then go ahead but once you brake that line there is no coming back from it

Isabella was thinking what line? It’s not a matter of life and death and even if it was for Tom she would gladly accept. After that came the real page and it was a really old one, back then he was only six years old and by looks of it he could barely write. It was written in a funny way and the content was the same, even so it didn’t stop Isabella from smiling                                                                                                                              She shouldn’t have opened it in the first place but now that she did what a better way to know somebody then from the diary they were writing when they were kids?

 After reading a few more entries she found out things about him, like how he always felt alone even though there were people around him all the time . He even described  an event that at that time seemed stupid, he was trying to get his ball back but as soon as he went to the neighbor he got attacked by chickens and it had no happy ending

She took the diary with her, she could have read it all at once but she preferred to read it slowly that way it was more interesting  and exciting at the same time, not knowing what other things are hidden inside.

She was leaving the house but in reality she was only leaving the memories that were inside. The place was entirely empty by the time Isabella wanted to leave, she felt something strange however she paid no attention to it. She was going home but she had no real home, the house she was living in was more like a rent thing but then again it was better then what most have. She could have gone home fast, instead she preferred to walk in a slow pace

Everything seems so strange now, one second ago I was still with Tom and now I  don’t know how to live without him , he is not dead but he is not here either

As she was walking home memories of the past filled her mind, things that already happened and things that were to come . The past was already visible but the future is never certain , it can be easily changed  and at the same time it can follow the path it was meant to . The future was already changed so things lead to an uncertain future

She arrived home slowly and went to her little room . There was only one human person in the whole house

The house itself was big but it was more or less abandoned, the outside of the house  was damaged. It needed some work and a new paintjob but even so it looked normal for a house that stood there for a long time . Problem was that there was nobody to fix it and Miss Rachel was too old for anything, she was waiting to die even if she didn’t say that

She was around seventy but she might have been much older , in any case she was old.

I am still older then she will ever be but considering how much humans live it’s a good one. She knew what I was and she was still happy to have me, furthermore I was like a daughter to her

She was a good person and that didn’t change and no matter how many years might pass she would still be the same. She was from another time period where being good meant everything and I respect that, because even in my period there was no such thing

I went directly to my bed, I didn’t like the covers and the pillows so I changed them with something new. Most of the nights I wasn’t sleeping anyway but it did not matter

Most of the nights I spent thinking or listening but not really sleeping , sleeping is not a requirement for me. I just stood in the bed listening for any sign of movement, in the house the human was going to sleep or sleeping already . Outside however was full of life, from small rodents to bigger creatures and even flying one’s . They were enjoying the night, hunting each other for food. That got me thinking with what am I different than them? But I’m not that different from them , I’m a predator and I hunt people but it’s more like I hunt my kind or what I used to be

I answered my own question but somehow I didn’t like the answer I gave myself , after all I am a predator and I enjoy hunting sometimes for food or sometimes for fun. Especially at the beginning of my vampire carrier I was like that, a part of me will always like doing those things. As I grew older I changed but the predator side of me was still there and I enjoyed it as much as in the beginning but I am not like in the beginning

Even so most consider being a vampire a curse of some sort and who am I to blame them?

Living forever is not a natural thing, people are born and die and I keep staying. Outliving everyone seemed a good thing but when the people close to you keep dying one by one and you just have to move on things get complicated. You can shut down every emotion and don’t feel anything but in the end the memories are still there and no matter how much you try to lie to yourself in the end the truth will catch up and it would make things worse. Overall being a vampire can be a good thing , doing things you could never do in a life time, exploring the world every inch of it . The sun however is not that friendly to me, every time I walk in daylight I should be dead but instead all I get is a headache now and then.  It was worse before but in such a long time I got used to it.

My secret is a special ring that grants any vampire the ability to walk in daylight, however it is not a very common ring.

The ring is made out of white gold, small in size but what makes it really special is the writing on it. I don’t know what is written on it but the shape and the height of the letters suggest and old language of some sort. Back then I didn't want to know what it meant, today however I would like to know but there is no way to find out .

Mostly because it was created by a witch and they were all hunted down and burnt alive, nothing, not even magic could save them from a horrible death like that

Today there are no witches, even if there were they would be weak or have no power at all, only the bloodline remained and not the abilities. As I was saying, it was a gift from one for saving her life, a life for a life thing .

I don’t know what happened to her and I never got her name but she is dead now and so there is no point in trying to fix the past. It’s a shame, things could have turned out differently but in the end they didn’t .

I lived my whole life in Italy, well my human life anyway and uhm it was strange considering how people lived then and now. More than that religion dominated the world, and at the same time tortured innocent people and more importantly people actually believed that they were doing the right thing.

That’s how the witch and vampire hunt began, some cases were true others were fake . Witches were burnt, if they were really that or not didn’t matter. Vampires on the other hand were more complicated , if the one killed was not a vampire then a cover story took its place and the one who did the deed was punished  if he was a common man that is. To avoid things like that from happening they took the person suspected of being a vampire into daylight but not always

If a real vampire was in the sunlight for more than a few seconds then he was already dead but that is half of the story anyway .The light accelerated the aging process in the human body and the vampire side couldn’t deal with it and it always ended in an explosion of flesh and blood, or at least that’s what I understood from all the vampires I saw out in day time while I was still normal.

The other side of the story is a bit more complicated, as a vampire there were stories of vampires who could walk in daylight and they were called day walkers for obvious reasons . However if the stories are true then they were also more aggressive which would explain why the humans wanted to hunt vampires in the first place but they might not have existed at all .How can the sun be friendly to any kind of vampire, when it was deadly for all of them?

One thing is for sure , I’m not one of them but I can resist the sunlight so one way or another I have their ability, at least a part of it

Isabella was remembering things from the past and they were flooding her mind like tidal waves. Her memories were interesting but there was a slight problem, she already knew what happened.  A curiosity strikes her and she started reading one more page from Tom’s diary and she found out more things about him but mostly it was all about loneliness, suffering and his ultimate dream  to become a hero someday. That was a goal he was planning to achieve but at the same time the chances of it actually happening were very low. Tom was more complicated then Isabella would have imagined, he was afraid of dying forever and his name and who he was to be lost forever

To Isabella Tom appeared as a leader, not knowing how to back down and continuing the fight because for him there was only victory . There were also other leader traits but that was the most important. One day maybe that will happen but until then there are other things that are more important

Afterwards she started writing personal things about herself in the diary, if Tom comes back then he would find out important things about her without asking her for them.

She wrote some things about herself but it was already 4 AM and she decided to go to sleep. After all she had infinite time to finish her whole story but there are not enough pages in any diary to hold that much information.

In her dream she dreamt of Tom being with her, side by side sharing the same bed and the same blanket. Maybe that was just a dream but maybe it was something that hasn’t happened yet

Not much time has passed since Tom left but for her it felt like it happened ages ago, when you love somebody ever minute feels like an eternity if you’re not with them

Most would described love as only a feeling but it’s more than that, sometimes it’s the whole reason why somebody keeps on fighting

Sometime later she had a dream where she could see Tom flying by. She woke up and went outside to check if something really was there.

She couldn’t find Tom anywhere but she felt as if that dream was more than a dream and Tom was really there. Feelings are complicated because they look beyond the normal and come up with an explanation that the mind can’t understand. The mind knew that there was nobody there but the heart couldn’t agree

Anyhow it was strange to her but all she could do was to wait and wait and maybe Tom will come back to her.

A few more hours and school was coming up, but Isabella was not looking forward to it for many reasons. She had almost forgotten about the death of the dragon slayer named Mr. Schwarz but as soon as she went to school she was reminded that he was missing and didn’t show up for his favorite class so something must have happened to him

And since Tom was missing as well people were asking questions because two people missing at the same was raising questions

In school everybody was asking the same question over and over again but they already knew the answer. Even so they kept asking the same thing to pretend they care but that was not the case. The girls were the worst kind, they were happy that he was missing because if they couldn’t have him then nobody should

I’m not sure if they were human after all, there is always the fight for something better but there is also compassion .Tom’s only two friends came up to me  and we started talking

  • Hey Isabella, how are you?
  • Hello to the both of you, I have been better but I manage
  • Youre not the only one who misses him, we cant understand what was with Tom when he was with you in the room
  • I will tell you but not here and not now, meet me at Toms house later and I will tell you all about it; after all you deserve to know
  • Thank you and whatever secrets he might have are safe with us, after all we have secrets of our own
  • Like what?
  • Secrets that might change how people look at us but we will talk about this later
  • Oke then see you guys
  • Goodbye

That was the last conversation they had in school, afterwards there was only the silence between them. I don’t understand why I came to school in the first place, it’s not like I need it or anything. However it’s a good way to keep in touch with things but sometimes things are not always as they should be.

 As it was expected there was no history teacher since the last one went missing and it was a very short time to find a new one . That class got canceled and the rest of the classes continued as usual

When they were all over I went directly to Tom’s house and waited for the guys to arrive. That took some time as well but If I had one thing in all the world that was : time

Later on they arrived with some further delays, while I was thinking about how I’m going to explain what they wanted to know. That was only one part of it, the other part being the part where they would talk about their secrets as well, people often have secrets but those secrets are worth nothing. Then there are the ones that could change everything and those are the dangerous one’s.

As soon as they came I told them about Tom and how he discovered who he was and everything related to that but they weren’t that surprised .They didn’t knew that Tom was a dragon but at the same they weren’t surprised that such a creature existed .

  • Its a good thing that you told us Isabella, we always knew that he was one of us but to actually ask a question like that and risk being called freaks and all that that was just too much to handle; often what question and how you ask them leaves an impression on the person
  • What did you mean by being one of us?
  • Thats our secret but after what you have seen and know I think we can tell you, Isnt that right Ben?
  • Sure thing Sam, after all she joined our club willingly or not
  • Then Isabella my secret is that I am a phoenix
  • A phone.. what?
  • A phoenix, also known as a fire bird
  • Interesting and you Ben?
  • Half werewolf and half shape shifter
  • Isnt the werewolf and shifter the same thing?
  • No, the werewolf is limited to only one form but the shifter can turn into any form human or animal and the werewolf part forces me turn into a werewolf sometimes
  • I  see, well I have a little secret of my own
  • Dont tell me youre a supernatural creature as well
  • I never called myself supernatural or anything like that, I am a very old vampire
  • Hm a vampire and a very sexy one in the process, that would explain why Tom likes you so much and I cant blame him; I think that Ben and I would love to have such a girlfriend as you and not because youre a vampire but because youre a good person and the vampire part make you more unique
  • . I dont know what to say

It seems that Isabella finally made some new friends on her own, even  if they belonged to another world .

A world were monsters exist but there are also heroes, who do things that are afraid of or just simply cant

And so far a group of good guys was gathering and that was a good sign because friends are always stronger than being alone

Further on Isabella told them everything about Mr. Schwarz, and they would have done the same thing to him if they were in Tom’s position because even for them family is everything .

Just by talking a connection was formed, but not just any kind; it was the kind that would last forever. They just kept on talking and talking and they just couldn’t stop

Suddenly Sam remembered that if anything happened to Tom , then the car ownership would go to Isabella because she meant a lot to him . As long as he was present it was his ,when he was gone it was hers.

A car is like a fragile heart that needs constant caring, otherwise it won’t function anymore. By giving Isabella his car, he proved that she is the person to whom he would gladly give his heart too.

Afterwards they said goodnight to each other and they went their separate ways, Isabella to her home and Sam and Ben to theirs. She went exactly to her bed, read some more from Tom’s diary and wrote something there herself . After the last entry from Tom she wrote something there, a few words mostly but those few words had a deep meaning to her.

For the first time she went to sleep calmly because she knew that whatever happens her new friend will be at her side. She dreamed about Tom again, this time he was getting closer to her and she could feel it. It was a pleasant dream and she had never slept better

When she woke up it was already morning and she was amazed by how much time has passed without her knowing about it. She got ready for school but before that she went to get the car that was hers now that Tom was gone

At school she arrived with the car and everybody was surprised because they thought that Tom was driving it when in fact it was her.

It didn’t matter that it was given to her, people still thought that she had something to do with Tom’s disappearance and that’s how she got his car. In reality it was nothing like that, people were only talking this way because they were jealous of the car they didn’t have .Jealousy was high up in the air and Isabella could feel it

The first class passed quite fast and some other classes followed . In the brake time she meet with Sam and Ben and they got lost in talking again

There was a big fuss about who the history teacher would be and when he would come since history was an important subject at the school

After the brake a new class followed but after that a history class was scheduled .

It’s a waste of time to go to the history class , there is no teacher because the last one… well something happened to him. Somehow I went anyway just to find out if I was wrong or right in this matter

As it turned out she was wrong, and a new teacher was there. When Isabella looked at him he thought he saw Tom somewhere inside but that was just a moment’s fantasy if nothing else

I don’t know who this new teacher is but he seems familiar, it’s not like I know him or anything but he looks a bit like to Tom. He was not Tom and that’s for sure but his features were almost identical, a face that looked almost the same and he was radiating with a serious personality

As it turned out he was the new teacher and he was talking about himself in front of the class.

My name is Sebastian and I just came from Australia last night. I will be your new history teacher until Mr. Schwarz comes back but in case he doesn’t I will still be here. I don’t want to scare you but after 48 hours chances are that we will never see him alive, I do hope that this is not one of those cases but we have to prepare for everything. If you want you can drop by at my house later and have a chat because I would like to get to know each and every one of you. Where the grades are concerned, one grade will be about your participation in class and another on a project. It's not necessary to come to the meeting but if you do then that will be taken into consideration. It won't be boring I promise you that, but enough of me. Now it's your time to speak but I see that one of the seats is empty, so where is he?

The class told him that on the same day when Schwarz went missing he did as well and since then he hasn't been found

Sebastian only said one word after that and it was : interesting. Afterwards he looked distracted, like he was thinking about something important and it required his full attention

People were still talking around him but he no longer listened that much, he often showed a sign from time to time that he did but it was only a minor one but most didn't notice it anyhow .Maybe after all Sebastian was more related to Tom then I would think

The bell rang and the students were glad to get out from the class, even Isabella

By the time she went out Sebastian was staring at her, it might have been her beautiful eyes but it could have been something else

Later that day after school the students were gathering by Sebastian’s house that was his for as long as he lived in the town. It wasn’t a big house but rather a smaller one but it was comfortable in every way

The street and the neighborhood was full of parked cars and among them was a very expensive one that belonged to Isabella now

Inside everybody found a place for himself and when Sebastian saw how many people were there he was glad that his students listened or rather cared for their grades

For him it was a good way to get to know his students better and learn things about them, after all that was the whole reason why he invited them in the first place

He was a young teacher and he did things in different ways then his older counterparts

For Isabella it was a good way to find out what others thought of her and many other things. She had a vampire ability which allowed her to read what others thought and she found a surprise .

I knew that most of them thought of me as a bad person but because that’s what was expected of them and they didn’t knew me that well to make such assumptions. Most were innocent in the matter, following the rumors that others put out. They were like sheep that followed the herd.

Even at the gathering there was one person who was spreading lies. Her name was Rebecca but I didn't knew her, I never even spoke to her but she became an expert all of the sudden about me. I could have hypnotized her but the sudden change of opinion would have stood out.

It was easier making her life a nightmare and there was a joy in that, after all vampires lived for the thrill of the hunt and sometimes that was needed

I never dealt with enemies lightly, many have died but letting her live was the best decision I made today, because killing her would have been a mercy but letting her live and torturing her in the meantime was the right thing to do, well for myself anyway

While I was planning some plans in my head, Sam and Ben walked in. They came directly at me and both of them were smiling but I couldn't understand why

  • - Hello Isabella, we bring good news but we have a bad one as well
  • - Well?
  • - If the rumors are true people saw or imagined a large winged creature flying by yesterday, it might have been at your place
  • -But... But... But.. But that's great news, the best news I heard in a long time
  • -There are two problems however
  • - Those are?
  • - If he keeps on flying around then people will learn that dragons exist and I don't think people should know, the more times it happens the more people will believe it's true
  • - Your right but there is nothing I can do to make it stop, and the other problem?
  • - It's going to be full moon tonight and Ben will tell you more about it since he knows the details
  • - I am going to turn into a werewolf tonight and I can't stop it from happening, the moon's influence will be too strong for me to handle
  • - Then we will stay by your side then and problem solved
  • - But you don't understand Isabella, he is a creature then and he has no control over himself
  • - I am a creature every day so I know...
  • - Well I didn't see it that way but your right, the two of us being there can help him to not do anything stupid

The conversation kept on going, plans were being formulated but after that it was time to enjoy the gathering for what it was

Each one enjoyed it in his own way, Sam was hunting for some girls while Ben was talking to some already but he was too distracted for such a delicate matter. After talking with some girls and boys alike Isabella found out that she was the most popular girl in the school and that's why there were those who hated here. Among the reasons there was Tom.

She talked with almost everybody and even Sebastian was surprised about her. He found out how smart she was and what a big heart she had.

The teacher Sebastian was having fun as well, talking and getting to know people and maybe even trying to find the right girl for himself from the crowd

When the party was over each one was preparing to go home. Cars were leaving the parking lot and Ben was preparing for the transformation. Sam was going with him but Isabella was not there.

She was following Rebecca  to find out some dirt on her and that’s what she has been preoccupied with. In the meantime Sebastian was cleaning the house and making it as clean as it was before.

At the end of the day Sam Ben and Isabella went to a spot in the forest where the transformation would take place. Ben was waiting for all of that to be over already but it was just only beginning

Slowly but surely the moon was showing up and Ben was getting more and more agitated. It didn’t take too much time for the moon to show its entire face and Ben was ready to transform.

When the moon showed up Isabella and Sam went far away from him and they climbed into a tree but without losing sight of what was happening there

As Ben was transforming Sam was explaining me how it was going to happen. First his muscles are going to increase suddenly and his clothes will get ruptured, that’s called phase one. Then phase 2 follows where his between human and beast, in this phase he starts growing a wolf like mouth and his body is gets covered in fur. That of course puts him in a lot of pain but not for long since his adrenaline kicks in and he no longer feels anything

Phase 3 is when he completed his transformation but he is still standing on two legs and the animal instinct and all that takes over, or in short he becomes a creature of the moon.

Phase 4 is the end, here he goes on four legs and kills anything that stands in his path.

Unfortunately after the 4 phases are completed the 5 one begins.

There he is a full werewolf and hunting and eating are the top priorities and friends and stuff like that don’t exist, there is only the action to satisfy the existing need

According to Sam this is not the first time that something like this happened and when Ben found out that he was a shifter the first creature he turned into was a wolf. Problem was that it was his second try and things didn’t work out as he planned, meaning that instead of turning into a wolf he turned into something that looked like a wolf but was something else. To make matters worse on that day there was also a full moon and since then from time to time he has to change into a werewolf. Funny thing is that it doesn’t happen on every full moon.

Ben or the werewolf one was now on four legs and he was sniffing around for quite a while . When he raised his head he looked directly at the tree, stared there for a time and went prowling deeper in the forest

He moved fast and before the two of them realized he was already gone, so they went down and went looking for him

The search didn’t last long because he was coming with speed from behind them and had one goal to kill. He had no problem with a fire bird but with a vampire, now that’s another story. Ben had nothing against Isabella, he admired her for what she was.

If the stories are true then werewolves never liked vampires, mainly because they were enemies in the past and they were fighting with each other on a daily basis

Ben was the first one to strike, he ignored Sam although he had a good look at him but moved on to his real target Isabella. She knew that a thing like this might happen and when the first blow came she was prepared and had no problem avoiding it

Isabella could have killed him easily but her intention was to stop him without hurting him too much. That gave Ben and advantage in the fight, he was fighting to kill and that made him stronger in the fight but not necessarily faster

Isabella was faster so she managed to avoid his attacks. Unfortunately that led Isabella nowhere, blows just kept coming and she was avoiding each one of them. That's all she could do, doing more would have meant killing him and that was not the option she wanted, although that would have been the easier way

As for Sam well he was just watching confused, not knowing if he should do something or let the matter settle on its own. That however was the path a lame person would choose, if it was Tom he would have already interfered and then the whole matter would have been over but Tom was not here

The werewolf was afraid of Sam since he could feel that he was a fire creature and a fight with him would have left him injured or dead but in both cases he would lose

When Sam finally decided to interfere it was already too late, Isabella suffered a serious scratch that would have made a real person bleed to death.

There was also the scratching issue, it was said that if a werewolf scratches you then you would become one by the next moon or sooner but that only works if you’re a real person

Isabella was on the ground fighting for her life, the werewolf was on top of her with his mouth close to her face

She was holding his mouth from getting to close and taking a bite, that would have been fatal to her since it was of the many weaknesses of hers

She wasn't playing this time, she was fighting for her life and if she had to kill a friend in order to survive then she was up for it

In life there are periods when you have to give up something for something else, so if somebody has to die so you can live then you are a selfish person but also a real one. Nobody will be worth more than yourself because that's how things are.

Saliva has built up in the werewolf’s mouth up to the point where it was dripping down on Isabella’s face and by the looks of it she wasn’t enjoying it

Sam tried to interfere and this time he went to help Isabella, seeing that there were no second choices

There was no way to save them both

Normally a fire bird was stronger than a werewolf but he was a young one and never tried to achieve his bird form but he was not close to death yet

There were two possibilities to turn into one, when he got old and had to regenerate into a new body or when he was close to death

He tried to finish with Sam but Isabella stopped him and now the fight was starting all over again

In front of the moon a shadow of some large creature appeared and for the moment he looked like he was circling the moon

In fact he was circling the moon back and forth and that’s what all the creature was doing

Suddenly he changed his direction and was heading straight for the werewolf

Ben tried to run away but the creature was faster, as he was getting closer he started looking like somebody familiar

When he was above Ben his identity got reveled and there was no other doubt about it, it was a dragon and more importantly it was Tom

Ben was still trying to run but he had no chance and he saw it as well, instead of trying to run he was running now to Isabella

Unfortunately the dragon wasn’t stupid, while Ben was running towards Tom’s girlfriend Tom was flying ahead of him .Ben was very close to Isabella now and within the last second Tom landed in front of Isabella forming a protective circle that nobody could penetrate